Duration ca. 45'00'' 72 pages

SATB, Tenor solo, Baritone solo, Positive Organ, electronics

1. Prologue
A) Stagnation
B) And Yet It Echoes Everywhere
2. Traces On An Empty Canvas: Promises For An Awekening Prophet
A) Awakening
B) A Cracking Sky
3. Tricks To Conquer Hopelessness
A) I Travelled Far In To The Earth
B) One-man Theatre
4. Miraculous Grace For A Tormented Mind
A) Prophecy Of The final War
B) Prophecy Of Peace
C) Recoice Greatly, O Daughter Of Zion
D) To The Newly Born
5. Last Phantasmagoria: A Magic Lantern Show
6. Epilogue


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