SFÈRE - Poema senza parole (I)

Duration 17'25'' 7 pages

This work is a poem for organ without lyrics: "Sfère" (an Italian word meaning "spheres") are impressions about the Sky.

It has been written for great organ with three to five keyboards.

The registration is free, but the organist should be able to produce a maximum of colour distributions among the keyboards and pedal.

It is particularly recommended to use orchestral and solo stops.
Big mixtures should be avoided.
Reeds have to be used with care to produce a sound full of lightness that is not too strong though.

The tempo may be considered free but not slow. However, the playing time must not be longer as ten minutes.

The work was first performed at the Nicolai Church in Leipzig on July 2008 by the composer himself.

SFÈRE - Poema senza parole (I)
SFÈRE - Poema senza parole (I)

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