Duration 20'00'' 20 pages

Scènes - Esquisses pour un jour de fête (2002)

This work has been composed for a standard organ (not too small and not too big) with a medium number of stops that include foundations, reeds and mixtures.
There are eight parts, each of them has an own configuration based on different technical patterns, whereby the organist finds some virtuoso elements.
Each part can be played alone, and their sequence is not strictly imposed.
Only the seventh part must be followed by the last.
However, if the organist is going to play the whole work, the sequence of the score has to be observed.
It is always recommended to choice the stops (and their possible interactions) in a way to reach the greatest variety of colours of the organ sound.
This work is full of joy: in this way it has to be performed.
The playing time is flexible but not longer as twenty minutes.


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