Merikanto, Aarre (1883–1958)

Aarre Merikanto (June 29, 1893 - September 29, 1958) was a Finnish composer.

He was the son of Liisa Häyrynen and the famous romantic composer, professor Oskar Merikanto. His childhood he spent in Vilppula, Finland. From year 1919, he was married to Meri Grönmark. He is regarded as one of the most notable Finnish composers, with Einojuhani Rautavaara and Jean Sibelius.

He studied music in Helsinki 1911, Leipzig 1912-1914 and Moscow 1916-1917.

Merikanto was diagnosed with lung cancer in the summer 1957, and he died the next year. His son is the sculptor Ukri Merikanto.

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