Fabritius, Ernst (1842–1899)

Ernst Fredrik Fabritius (July 2, 1842 Viipuri - October 8, 1899 Lapinjärvi) was a composer, violinist and conductor who worked in Finland and, among other things, composed the first songplay of the country.

Fabritius studied music in Leipzig from 1857 to 1861 and then worked successfully for a few years as a violinist in concerts in both Finland and Stockholm. In 1864, due to a hand injury, he had to stop performing in concerts, but continued to compose. Fabritius' compositions include orchestral overture by Maria Stuart, violin concerto in 1877 (also appeared as a piano arrangement), choral and orchestral works such as a cantata for choir, and violin, vocal and piano compositions.

He also worked as a farmer, journalist and horse breeder.

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Romantische Suite

Romantische Suite | more info
Duration 12'20'' 27 pages

1. Wiegenlied – Andantino 2'50''
2. In trüben Stunde – Moderato 5'00''
3. Tarantella – Presto 4'30''

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