Kuula, Toivo (1883 - 1918)

Toivo Timoteus Kuula (7 July 1883 - 18 May 1918) was a Finnish conductor and composer. He was born in the city of Alavus, when Finland still was a Grand Duchy under Russian rule. He is known as a colorful and passionate portrayer of Finnish nature and people. A Swedish critic once said that Kuula's music reaches parts of the human spirit where one is forced to deep examination of one's self. Toivo Kuula died in the provincial hospital in Viipuri in 1918 after being mortally wounded 18 days earlier on Walpurgis Night by a bullet fired by a Jäger. The bullet was fired as a result of a quarrel that happened in front of Hotel Seurahuone in conjunction with the first victory celebration of the white victory in the Civil War of Finland. Kuula is buried in Hietaniemi cemetery, Helsinki.

Kuula is best-remembered for his large output of melodic choir and vocal works. His instrumental works include two Ostrobothnian Suites for Orchestra, Violin Sonata, Piano Trio and an unfinished Symphony.

His major work is the Stabat Mater which he finished 1915.

Kuula also wrote a few dozen highly artistic piano works.

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Ave Maria Op. 23 No 2b

Ave Maria Op. 23 No 2b | more info
Duration 3'30'' 11 pages

Strings / Harmonium (Organ) ad lib. / Soprano


Impi ja Pajarin poika Op. 18b

Impi ja Pajarin poika Op. 18b | more info
Duration 13'00'' 54 pages

h - h2


Kesäilta TK 21b

Kesäilta TK 21b | more info
Duration 2'20'' 8 pages

1022 / 4000 / 00 / 1 / Strings


Purjein kuutamolla Op. 31a No 1a

Purjein kuutamolla Op. 31a No 1a | more info
Duration 2'30'' 4 pages

2020 / 2000 / 0 / 0 / Strings / Soprano