Mielck, Ernst (1877–1899)

Mielck composed all his works in the short span of four years. His catalogue includes a large number of works in the field of chamber music, including a string quintet and a string quartet. He also composed a symphony (1897), two overtures, a concert piece for piano and orchestra as well as one for violin and orchestra, the Finnish Suite, and two major vocal works in the German language.

Mielck faced disappointment in his home country for the lack—with the exception of the Finnish Suite—of nationalistic (political) tendencies; his interest in the culture of his ancestral Germany made him rather a foreigner in the Finnish music scene.

It was in Germany, shortly before his death, that Mielck found his greatest success.

The enthusiasm aroused in the critics—mainly in Kark Flodin at the "Nya Pressen" -- by the premiere of Mielck's symphony, in October 20, 1897, conducted by Robert Kajanus, was a motivation that prompted Sibelius to try his hand at his first symphony.

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Auf der Wanderschaft orig.

Auf der Wanderschaft orig. | more info
Duration 1'00'' 3 pages

des1 - es2

3.42 €

Das Fischermädchen (Kalastajatyttö) orig.

Das Fischermädchen (Kalastajatyttö) orig. | more info
Duration 1'30'' 3 pages

d1 - es2

3.42 €

Frage (Kysymys) orig.

Frage (Kysymys) orig. | more info
Duration 2'20'' 6 pages

des1 - f2

3.42 €

Heimat (Koti) orig.

Heimat (Koti) orig. | more info
Duration 2'20'' 7 pages

c1 - g2

3.42 €

Letzter Wunsch (Viime toivomus) orig.

Letzter Wunsch (Viime toivomus) orig. | more info
Duration 1'40'' 4 pages

e1 - g2

3.42 €

Vallkullans sång orig.

Vallkullans sång orig. | more info
Duration 2'15'' 5 pages

h - d2

3.42 €

Kootut yksinlaulut orig.

Kootut yksinlaulut orig. | more info
28 pages

1. Auf der Wanderschaft des1 - es2
2. Das Fischermädchen (Kalastajatyttö) d1 - es2
3. Frage (Kysymys) des1 - f2
4. Heimat (Koti) c1 - g2
5. Letzter Wunsch (Viime toivomus) e1 - g2
6. Vallkullans sång h - d2

18.99 €