Zinovjev, Sauli (1988–)

Sauli Zinovjev (b. 1988) is Finnish-Russian pianist and composer. Zinovjev's works include chamber music, solo- and orchestral music. Zinovjev has studied composition in Germany with Minas Bourbadakis and in Lahti Conservatory with Kari Karjalainen.
Zinovjev's compositions are mostly Russian-French neo-classical but some expressionism is also heard. As a pianist, Zinovjev has performed for example both of his two pianoconcertos and many solo piano works.

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Kolme laulua (Three Songs) Op. 9

Kolme laulua (Three Songs) Op. 9 | more info
11 pages

I Kumpi g-e2
II Kehtolaulu des1-e2
III Kaipaus a-b2

The three songs on poems of Uuno Kailas were written for the soprano Satu Jaatinen and the pianist Jouni Suntio during years 2007-2008. The third song Kaipaus (Craving) of the cycle was composed as a single piece, but a year later I decided to compose additional two songs: Kumpi (Which one of us?) and Kehtolaulu (Lullaby). The
two first songs are in a really dark and mortal mood, but the third song opens up the horizon to light. As a composer I decided to grab on the subject of death when I still dared to.

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