Zinovjev, Sauli (1988– )

Sauli Zinovjev (b. 1988) is Finnish-Russian pianist and composer. Zinovjev's works include chamber music, solo- and orchestral music. Zinovjev has studied composition in Germany with Minas Bourbadakis and in Lahti Conservatory with Kari Karjalainen.
Zinovjev's compositions are mostly Russian-French neo-classical but some expressionism is also heard. As a pianist, Zinovjev has performed for example both of his two pianoconcertos and many solo piano works.

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Pianosonaatti Op. 14

Pianosonaatti Op. 14 | more info
Duration 7'00'' 10 Pages

Hanna-Mari Kousa, 2009

This piano sonata was composed during the first months of 2009 for pianist Hanna-Mari Kousa. In the work, I approach the sonata form in a traditional style, mostly influenced by the neoclassical composers of the 20th century. A masculine primary theme (allegro furioso) leads to a feminine secondary theme (quasi andante) through several variations. After the two main themes are represented, the rest of the work is based on previous material. It is possible to find some fragments of a variation form in the sonata because of the style in which the primary theme is treated. Even though this sonata was originally designed as a very deep and dark work, I realized during the first performance that there were a substantial number of lighter and brighter elements.

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