Pasquet, Luis (1917–2013)

Luis Pasquet was born 1917 in the city of Salto, Uruguay and studied both music and chemistry in Uruguay's capital Montevideo. Early on his career he became interested in impressionistic and expressionistic music as well as jazz. His compositions are an elegant mixture of all these styles, influenced by his long and colourful career as a band leader in Uruguay and throughout the world. During his career, Mr. Pasquet has had the pleasure of performing with many renowned musicians such as Josephine Bakerin, Juliette Grècon and George Ulmer, to name a few. Luis Pasquet has lived in Lahti since 1974, working as a correpetitor for the National Ballet in Helsinki and for Lahti Opera. He also worked as an accompanist for Lahti Conservatory for several years. Year 2004 Luis Pasquet was nominated as an honorary composer of the Lahti Conservatory.

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Suite for String Quartet

Suite for String Quartet | more info
Duration 6'30'' 12 pages

This suite is one of the first compositions, that Luis Pasquet wrote. Its musical form derived from a traditional suite from the 17th century.

The first movement is a Prelude, but not an Introduction, because it is independent.

The second movement a Sarabande is a fashion dance from the 17th century. Originally its rhythm was fast and joyful, but in time it became slower. The Third movement is a Gigue, an English dance, fast and rhythmical.

1. Prelude 2'10''
2. Sarabande 2'30''
3. Gigue 1'50''

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