Ahmas, Harri (1957–) | Giorgiutti, Oliviero (1972–) | Holmström, Carita (1954–) | Hugl, Franz Anton (1706–1745) | Marttinen, Tauno (1912–2008)

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Sonata per fagotto e pianoforte (Sonata for Bassoon and Piano)

Sonata per fagotto e pianoforte (Sonata for Bassoon and Piano) | more info
Duration 17'00'' 27 pages

1. Moderato
2. Lento
3. Allegro giusto

Sonata for Bassoon was my first larger instrumental work. The sonata has three movements and it follows the
principles of classical sonata form. The sonata was premiered during a matinee performance of the composing
students from the Sibelius Academy in the fall 1981.

18.99 €

Variations for Bassoon and Piano

Variations for Bassoon and Piano | more info
Duration 17'00'' 17 pages

The variation work for bassoon and piano has been composed as a mandatory song for the summer 2011 Crusell Week bassoon competition. The composition consists of four different variations, each with different types of challenges for musicians. The first part is fast and virtuosic. It introduces a simple four-note theme from different perspectives. The second variation begins calmly and contemplatively, but becomes more passionate and eventually ends up introducing the theme with the help of multiphones as well. The third variation begins with the bassoon monologue and themes already heard in the first part. A few bassoon tannins bring drama. In the last variation, the theme can be heard in the piano’s low register as the bassoon evokes and descends towards the final notes.

18.99 €

Sonatina per fagotto e pianoforte

Sonatina per fagotto e pianoforte | more info
Duration 8'05'' 17 pages

I Allegro moderato
II Sarabanda
III Rondino

15.00 €

Suite for Solo Bassoon

Suite for Solo Bassoon | more info
8 pages

I "Alone - Homesickness"
II "Practicing - Passacaglia quasi Tango"
III "Flamenco"
IV "Meditation - A Pastorale"
V "Slightly Jazzy Sicilinne"

14.00 €

Parthia VI

Parthia VI | more info
9 pages

9.12 €

Harlekiini Op. 270 B

Harlekiini Op. 270 B | more info
5 pages

Bassoon + Guitar

9.12 €