Kerko, Harri (1968 - )

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Zechariah | mehr Information
Dauer ca. 45'00'' 72 Seiten

SATB, Tenor solo, Baritone solo, Positive Organ, electronics

1. Prologue
A) Stagnation
B) And Yet It Echoes Everywhere
2. Traces On An Empty Canvas: Promises For An Awekening Prophet
A) Awakening
B) A Cracking Sky
3. Tricks To Conquer Hopelessness
A) I Travelled Far In To The Earth
B) One-man Theatre
4. Miraculous Grace For A Tormented Mind
A) Prophecy Of The final War
B) Prophecy Of Peace
C) Recoice Greatly, O Daughter Of Zion
D) To The Newly Born
5. Last Phantasmagoria: A Magic Lantern Show
6. Epilogue

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