Oscar Adam Pahlman (1839–1935) was a Finnish church musician. He was an organist in Vaasa from 1866 to 1876, and in Turku from 1876. He founded the Turku Locksmith and Organ School with C. G. Wasenius in 1878 and served as its director and teacher until 1928.

Pahlman studied as a Finnish state scholarship holder in Dresden, Germany from 1862 to 1864 under Gustav Merkel. He sought further education in Leipzig and Berlin. He was an organist in Vaasa and became the organist of Turku Cathedral in 1876.

Ecclesiastical singing music played an important role in Pahlman’s compositional production. In addition, he created several romantic organ works, which were intended mainly for liturgical use. He has published a collection of compositions, Orgel-Musik (1891), which contains a selection of German organ compositions created for worship use from the 19th century.

His brother was the composer Emil Pahlman.