Frans Fritiof Linnavuori (13 October 1880 Ylöjärvi – 12 July 1926 Ylöjärvi) was a Finnish composer and church musician.

Frans Linnavuori completed his music studies at the Helsinki Music College and the Turku Organ School. After initially working as a cantor organist in Ylöjärvi and Leppävirta, he became the organist of Tampere Cathedral in 1908. As an organist, he organized numerous concerts of his own. In addition, he owned a piano shop in Tampere (“Fr. Linnavuoren Pianomakasiini”).

Frans Linnavuori committed suicide in his home in Ylöjärvi in July 1926. The reason for the act was thought to be that he had recently had to leave his job as an organist.

Frans Linnavuori’s compositions have largely been forgotten. The most well-known of them is the song Minä laulan sun iltasi tähtihin, set to V. A. Koskenniemi’s poem.