Albert Lenkiewicz (b. 1988, Jalasjärvi) began his flute studies at the age of 8 with Auli Tuohimäki. From an early age, his interest in composing, orchestral conducting and improvisation also motivated Lenkiewicz to acquire musical education by composing, conducting a youth wind orchestra, exploring various instruments through music and spontaneously exploring the history of music. The winner of the Class B in the 2003 Lahti International Woodwind Competition was followed by a transfer to the Sibelius Academy Youth Department in 2004 for Liisa Ruoho’s flute studies and theoretical studies.

During the conscription of the Lahti Military Orchestra in 2008, a decision was finally made to concentrate on composing with the aim of achieving a thorough understanding of music, learning how to use music as a “mother tongue.” Since 2007, Lenkiewicz had received composition instruction from Joose Tammelin, who lives in Jalasjärvi. In 2009, he began his studies at the Sibelius Academy’s 5.5-year composition degree program with Veli-Matti Puumala, professor of composition at the Sibelius Academy. He also aims to maintain and improve his level of flute performance and to study choir and orchestra conducting in the coming years.