Helena Heimola was born in Turku. She graduated with a master’s degree in music from the Sibelius Academy’s Department of Church Music in Helsinki in 1995 and as an organ teacher from the Turku Conservatory in 1994. She has studied composition, e.g. by Osmo Tolonen and Juhani Haapasalo.

Heimola has been the cantor of Pöytyä Parish since 1987. Se has also taught music in middle school and high school as a part-time lesson teacher and has written as an assistant music critic in Turku Sanomat and Auranmaa Weekly. Since January 2008, Helena Heimola has led the Turku Female Police Singers, founded at that time.

Helena Heimola’s composition to date includes a psalm dedicated to opera singer Johann Tilli, The Prophet’s Sleep, the 11th post-Pentecostal Sunday psalm Happy to the Nation and a choral motto from the hymn 134 Holy, Holy, Holy. Heimola has also made several Hymnal obligatos for both string and wind instruments, as well as choral arrangements for both spiritual and entertaining songs.

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