Väinö Haapalainen (May 30, 1893 Rautavaara – November 8, 1945 Helsinki) was a Finnish composer, musician and choir director.

Haapalainen attended the Helsinki Music College and later studied in Berlin and Leipzig. Haapalainen moved to Vyborg in 1914 and initially worked as an orchestra musician in 1919-1924, as well as as a theater and military conductor in 1924–1928. He conducted Karelian singing in 1923–1940 and Kaleva Singers in 1941–1945. Haapalainen also worked as a teacher at the Vyborg Music College in 1922–1924 and 1936–1940 and as a teacher at the Vyborg Church Music School in 1922–1940. After moving to Helsinki in 1940, he continued there as a choir director, singing teacher and orchestra musician. Haapalainen gave compositional concerts and played the violin in string quartets, he published the Choral Book of School and Home in 1938.

Haapalainen composed, among other works, orchestral music, cantatas and choral songs, but also play and film music.