Pianist, Organist, Cembalist, Improvisor, Composer, Music Analyst, Professor Musical studies under the tutorship of worldwide famous Professors of keyboard instruments. Holds the following Academic Diploms:

– Piano (under V. Buzzai, F. Di Cesare, Conservatorio Santa Cecilia Rome, Italy)
– Organ and Composition (under Mons. V. Miserachs, Conservatorio S. Pietro a Majella Naples, Italy)
– Early music for keyboard: Harpsichord Performance (under Glen Wilson, Würzburg School of Music, Germany)
– Early music for keyboard : Pedagogy (under Glen Wilson, Würzburg School of Music, Germany)
– Master in Organ (under G. Kaunzinger, Würzburg School of Music)
– PhD in Music – Theorie and Analysis (under PhD Joao Pedro Oliveira, School of Arts – University of Aveiro, Portugal)
At Jean Guillou’s invitation, he studied with him at St. Eustache in Paris.

As a composer, he has developed an autonomous approach to the art of improvisation, which he performs in concert.

Thanks to the improvisation and the collaboration of several composers who have accepted writing for G. Di Rosa, he has done a remarkable amount of innovative experiments in chamber music: marimba and organ, recorder and organ, and the Ensemble “IL CONCERTO ARIOSO” (recorder and keyboards) for early and modern music.

Having already given concerts in several European countries, plays the whole repertoire of each time, until XX and XXI century.

In year 2006 G. Di Rosa played in Rom the complete Mozart’s piano sonatas. Several of his concerts have been recorded in CD and DVD.

As a pianist, organist, and cembalist, Improvisation and Early Music (Iberian Organ in particular) are increasingly part of his interests.
G. Di Rosa is co-founder and Art director of the international organ Festival “OTTOBRE ORGANISTICO” in Aprilia, Italy, where he’s titular organist since 1986.

He is titular organist of the church at Oberthulba in Germany since 2006, here he organizes the international organ festival.

Since may 2007 he is titular organist of the great iberian organs of the Cathedral in Braga and he is organist ad honorem of the church at the High Seminary in Oporto and music advisor for the Order SCMG in Guimaraes.

Researches and teaches Organ, Improvisation and Analysis at the School of Arts of the Portuguese Catholic University of Oporto.

He is appointed in 2008 as titular organist and art director at the Portuguese National Church in Rom. Organ IPSAR Rome.

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