Alfred Anderssén (4 August 1887 Pietarsaari Rural Municipality – 10 September 1940 Turku) was a Finnish composer. Anderssén’s parents were Johan Anderssén and Johanna Holmberg, first married to Emma Ahlskog and second since 1920 to Karin Matilda Limnell. Before studying at the Helsinki Music Institute, Anderssén received piano instruction from organist Alfred Lybäck. Anderssén also made study trips to Germany. He was conductor of the choir and orchestra in Pietarsaari from 1911 to 1913, conductor of the Guards’ Battalion in Vaasa from 1919 to 1921 and several times as acting director. as a cantor organist and conductor of the choir and orchestra. He was conductor of the Arbetets Vänner Choir from 1927 to 1937 and conductor from the Swedish Theater in Turku from 1929 to 1937. Anderssén was the music critic of Åbo Underrättelser from 1927 to 1940, and also appeared as a pianist and organist.

Anderssén was already recognized for his composition concert in Helsinki in 1928. In addition, his works were performed abroad, such as in Stockholm and Cologne. He died at the age of 53, just as new symphony, cantata and vocal music had been planned.